Hidealoo Retractable Hidden Toilet

Posted: August 15, 2019
Hidealoo Retractable Hidden Toilet

Nothing like a peekaboo toilet to take my day from good to great! And the Hidealoo retractable hidden toilet isn't just out to steal my heart, it's out to save me space and - even better! - allow me to install a can almost anywhere in my home. Or office. Under-desk Hidealoo, dudes?

With the tiny home obsession and Airbnb boom in full swing, Hidealoo creator Monty Ravenscroft's design couldn't have plopped into our lives at a better time. And in fact, the first Hidealoo retractable toilet was installed in an Airbnb rental over 3 years ago. With a little DIY install ingenuity and some plumbing hookups though, anyone can install this hidden gem in any size or type of residence for a practical, efficient, and adorable solution to space shortages. Not to mention an easy fix for uncertainties about mounting a toilet right next to the dresser in the guest bedroom your in-laws use. (But I mean, having a toilet in there would be a godsend! That's an extra, like, 60 minutes per day you don't have to wait for your GI-challenged and electronic-solitaire-loving father-in-law to let you use your own bathroom.)

At printing Hidealoo had 2 types of retractable toilets available, the Stand-Alone and the Discretionary Unit. The former is their champion, a freestanding cabinet that fits "as simply as a washing machine" and comes with all the bladder- and bowel-relieving parts you need inside. That includes a structurally supported cabinet with wooden top surface, internal support systems and pipe work, a surface-mounted white ceramic basin and tap, a white loo seat, a white ceramic "wall hung" pan, and a dual-source Maxaflush Cistern. Total weight is 30 kg (66 pounds) and in-use load tests have shown the Stand-Alone Hidealoo can hold weights of up to 270 kg (595 pounds). Note: the weight capacity is so high because the toilet pan isn't supported by the cabinet door; it's fixed to a pressed steel chassis.)

While Hidealoo retractable hidden toilets aren't yet widely available in the marketplace, Ravenscroft and Co. are willing to communicate about purchasing options and prices to interested parties who contact them through the Hidealoo website.

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