HappyPo Easy-Bidet - Portable, Squeezable Bidet

Posted: March 18, 2020
HappyPo Easy-Bidet - Portable, Squeezable Bidet
$21.99 - $24.99
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I know, I know, the HappyPo Easy-Bidet comes with an air-dry requirement, but hey, it's better than using your clothes to wipe. Or following the "Diarrhea" song's advice of, "When you're sittin' on the john and the toilet paper's gone, be a man, use your hand, diarrhea!"

Plus, you could always use a washcloth or hand towel to dry off after you squeeze 'n' squirt to get cleaned up down there.

I chose the HappyPo Easy-Bidet to recommend in this time of toilet paper shortages over a standard bidet - the kind that replaces your toilet seat, or your entire toilet - because it's easy and cheap for the short-term. Which I think is what we're all hoping this coronavirus quarantined time will be.

However, if you've got the cash to buy a proper bidet, you probably have the time to install it right now, and I can say with great confidence that once you try one of its gentle genital showers, you'll consider a gift from the gods you can't believe you didn't seek out sooner.

Butt back to the Easy-Bidet at hand (and crotch) right now. This portable rinser is low-tech and easy to use, with a squeeze-bottle base you can fill with your desired temperature of water, and a screw-top wand for pointing and directing the water's flow during use. It comes in 2 HappyPo sizes, regular and XL, with the latter holding 50% more water.

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