Every Naked Person Shower Curtain

Posted: July 15, 2020
Every Naked Person Shower Curtain
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On the outside this cheeky shower curtain's ogling fixture says, "Every naked person I see turns me on." Bahahaha! The wordplay! The wit! But if I were maker Dekali Designs, I'd offer an option with Mr. Water Spewer spewing his naughty thoughts on the inside of the curtain too: "And because of that I give good shower head."

The Every Naked Person I See Turns Me On Shower Curtain measures 72" x 72" and comes with 12 white plastic hooks for hanging it. Or in this case, perhaps "mounting it" would be the better expression. It is machine-washable, and needs no liner for use. But, I mean, I'd put one on that horny thing anyway.

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