Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap

Posted: February 08, 2018
Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap
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When all you want is a big ass beer, but your lady says all you need is big ass shower, Duke Cannon's Big Ass Beer Soap gives her instant gratification, and you the pleasure of dousing the outside of your body with what you'll be dousing the inside of it with in a minute.

Or maybe 10 minutes. Sometimes a hot shower is just as good as a cold beer.

Duke Cannon notes their Big Ass Beer Soap "doesn't smell like beer - it has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should." The name comes from one of the soap's ingredients, Old Milwaukee American Lager, as well as probably from Duke Cannon's branding team, who figured slapping the word "beer" on about anything would instantly pique the interest of men, and stand out to anyone looking for Good Ass gifts for men.

Additional Big Ass Beer Soap properties include a sprinkling of steel cut grains for a grip that will prevent the ol' dropped-the-soap-in-the-shower conundrum, plus provide some exfoliation. Also, each bar weighs 10 ounces, which Duke Cannon says is 3 times more than "feminine soaps." That means not only can you start showering with a real, burly hunk of man hygiene, but also that it will be 3 times longer before you run out of a bar of Big Ass Beer Soap and have to use your girlfriend's "feminine shampoo" as soap for the next week until you remember to buy more.

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