Curvit Shower Space Expander

Posted: January 07, 2015
Curvit Shower Space Expander
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Curvit is a clip system that holds shower curtains in a concave position, thereby increasing shower space by up to 50%. It's a simple, inexpensive, and discreet solution that arrives pre-assembled and installs in 3 steps, no tools and no hard clips required. I think using a Curvit would also make us feel more like we're showering in a submarine, which has obviously long been a goal of all mankind.

Curvit makes shower curtains arc like an umbrella turned on its side. At the very top, where additional space isn't crucial, the clips curve inward. Then they segue into outward-bowing plastic Arches at about elbow level to achieve an effect similar to that of a curved shower rod. Which begs the logical question: then why not just use a curved shower rod?

According to Curvit inventor Patrick Raymond, curved shower rods are for schmoes. Or at least for hotels and new construction and people with the time to install them. Curved rods tend to run up to double+ the dollar price of the Curvit system, and up to sextuple* their time-and-effort price since the bastards can be difficult to install.

Raymond promises that Curvit clips will go from box to wide berth in a fraction of the time. He also says they'll prove to be superior at leak prevention due to their keeping shower curtains snug up against the tup and wall.

The Curvit system comes in colors Clear and Aqua.

*An estimate based on the fact that I'm a male, 7 seconds had passed, and I was thinking about sex.

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