Bathing Bad Meth-Inspired Bath Salts

Posted: April 19, 2013
Bathing Bad Meth-Inspired Bath Salts

One time when I was in New Orleans this voodoo lady tried to sell me some bath salts under the guise that they would enlarge my manhood if I soaked in them while listening to Prince's "Sexy MF", but I said, "No thank you, ma'am, I'm allergic to bath salts and I prefer 'Cream' and anyway, I already have a penis the size of a small child." It's all true too. However, after seeing these Bathing Bad meth-inspired bath salts, I may be willing to risk the all-over rash and searing burn that await me. Someone cue the shaboogies.

The latest illegal aquamarine drug knockoff to capitalize on Breaking Bad's popularity, Bathing Bad bath salts are made from all-natural ingredients. This is the first of many ways in which they deviate from the meth they aspire to emulate. Another way is probably that they smell like some sort of flora or citrus fruit. And they likely will not get you high, even if you smoke them. Oh, and the bath salts go into the bathtub, whereas the real meth comes out of it.

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