2-Person Black Jacuzzi

Posted: January 14, 2016
2-Person Black Jacuzzi
  • 2-Person Black Jacuzzi
  • 2-Person Black Jacuzzi
  • 2-Person Black Jacuzzi

I bet my girlfriend will be my Valentine if I get this sick black jacuzzi bathtub. In fact, I bet all of my girlfriend's girlfriends will also be my Valentine if I get it. Six adjustable massage jets. Eight powerful back jets. Underwater color-changing LED lighting. But I'm afraid this indoor hot tub has only enough space for one special lady alongside me. Just like my heart.

In addition to a bevy of jets and a wash of jet blackness, the 2-person jacuzzi has the following features:

  • Air bubble pump and switch controlling 13 air jets
  • Heat pump to keep filled tub hot without adding more water
  • Computerized LCD screen control panel
  • FM Radio with 1 speaker
  • Remote control for adjusting jets, radio, and other functions
  • Waterfall faucet
  • Handheld shower want
  • 2 x removable padded waterproof pillows
  • An ozone water cleaner to kill any mold, viruses, and bacteria
  • Water level sensor
  • Thermostatic faucet to ensure precise water temperature
  • Also comes in unsexy white

The 2-person black jacuzzi is made of acrylic and an ABS compound material, with 3 layers of glass fiber reinforcement over a stainless steel frame. Dimensions are 72" long x 47" wide x 26" high.

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