Wine Gun Electric Wine Opener

Posted: August 24, 2016
Wine Gun Electric Wine Opener
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From 12 months floating in a cozy barrel of French Oak to 2 seconds staring down the stone cold barrel of my silver revolver (hot pink for the ladies!) Pinot Noir, prepare to meet your maker.

Or at least me, some random dude who bought you from your maker when his girlfriend dragged him to Napa last weekend.

WineOvation's (not surprising a company with a name like that came up with the piece of work you see before you) Wine Gun is a cordless, rechargeable wine bottle opener of the point-and-shoot variety. Place the gun's business end on your bottle's exposed cork top, pull the trigger, and let the auto-uncorking begin. The opener will stop when removal is complete. To dislodge the cork from gun, press the trigger forward to reverse the corkscrew.

Wine Guns come with a wall plug charging base and foil cutter that stores in the back of it. Each charge should have enough power to pop off 30 bottles of wine.

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