Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

Posted: January 20, 2018
Whiskey Glass with Cigar Holder

A whiskey glass with a cigar holder - a concave ledge built right there into the tumbler. Nice. But not unheard of. And definitely knocked off from inspired by a very similar cigar glass from Corkcicle. What is different: the creator of this barware's choice of "fillings" to best display their work. Scroll through the image gallery above.

Image 1: An empty whiskey glass showing a cigar resting in its side holder. OK, that's fine. Proof it works.

Image 2: The whiskey glass sans cigar, but filled with, uh, what appears to be sliced strawberries and milk. Possibly the 2 worst foods on earth to pair with a cigar. I mean, if the glass were filled with BBQ brisket it would still be weird, but even that would make more sense. Also - also! - who drinks milk with whole slices of strawberries in it? Where's the cereal? And the bowl and spoon? This has Choking Hazard written all over it.

Image 3: The whiskey glass, empty of liquid again, cigar in place again, but now turned sideways. Cigar tip down. Like it's the cigar's job to hold the glass instead of the other way around.

Image 4: Dude. Is that mouthwash? I take back what I said earlier. Fill me up with strawberries and milk, please.

All of that said, if this cigar-holstering whiskey glass arrives empty, and you don't have to sign an agreement at checkout promising to use it only with strawberries and milk and mouthwash, it seems like a pretty good gift for a man or decorative addition to your own bar.

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