Vintage Avon Tool Box Decanter Bottle Set

Posted: April 27, 2021
Vintage Avon Tool Box Decanter Bottle Set
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I never thought my most pleasant surprise for the week would come in the form of vintage decanters made to look like classic hand tools. Even more surprising, the 6-strong vintage Tool Box Decanter Bottle set comes from Avon. Avon and the 1970s But don't be fooled like I was at first! They call them "decanters," but these hammers and screwdrivers and power drills aren't for decanting tequila and rum and whiskey. They're for aftershave. Wamp, wamp.

The tool set, particularly its retro 1970s aesthetic - the era when Avon sold it - is still pretty cool, though, so not a bad idea for a Father's Day gift for Dad. The Avon Tool Box Decanter Bottle Set includes one each of the following:

  • Avon Chrome "On the Level" Level Decanter Bottle.
  • Avon "On the Mark" Hammer Decanter Bottle.
  • Avon "One Good Turn" Screwdriver Decanter Bottle.
  • Avon Chrome "Firm Grip" Pipe Wrench Decanter Bottle.
  • Avon Chrome "Big Bolt" Decanter Bottle.
  • Avon "Power Drill" Decanter Bottle.
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