Vinotini Flip Glass

Posted: November 04, 2014
Vinotini Flip Glass
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Alternating between martinis and wine all night sounds like a terrific way to avoid a hangover. Kind of like the rhythm method of birth control. So I guess Vinotini glassware is here to facilitate the efforts of people prone to making bad drinking decisions.

OK, and also people who love their Pinots and Bond cocktails, but don't have the space, money, or inclination to buy separate sets of glasses for both.

Vinotini's two-in-one design flips from dirty gin pours with 3 olives to a big beefy Cab fit for the NY strip my mama's going to cook me for dinner tonight in about 2 big gulps and a flick of the wrist. The wine glass side has a 12-ounce capacity and the martini side holds 4 ounces.

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