Vinaera Wine & Spirit Aerator & Dispenser

Posted: December 01, 2016
Vinaera Wine & Spirit Aerator & Dispenser
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The Vinaera won a Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award in 2014 for being really, really good at shooting air into wine, and wine into your glass. According to creator Viotek, the electronic Vinaera Wine & Spirit Aerator & Dispenser achieves 6 times more air contact surface oxidation than a gravity-injected funnel-type aerator, and will complete the process 30 to 40 minutes faster than a glass decanter. And while it's not as pretty as the latter, from the looks of it the Vinaera makes it way easier to fill a glass without sloshing the $100 Cab Franc over the lip, or dripping it on your girlfriend's mama's $100 white linen tablecloth.

Once secured on top of your bottle--red wine, white wine, vodka, whiskey, any liquor you like--Vinaera will aerate and dispense 1 ounce of juice every 2 seconds. Its pneumatic operating method injects air into the stream of liquid as it travels from the bottle through the dispenser spout for speedy aeration, the results of which should produce a full bouquet of flavors and aromas, plus softened tannins in wine, and release fusel alcohols in spirits so they'll taste less "spicy" and bitter.

The Vinaera requires 6 x AAA batteries to do its aerating and dispensing grunt work, and each set should last for over 250 750ml bottles of wine or liquor.

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