The Tubby Short & Wide Pint Glass

Posted: March 12, 2020
The Tubby Short & Wide Pint Glass
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Wook at the wittle chubby Tubby Pint glass. It's so cute. I just want to smack it. I just want to pinch its cheeks. I just want to pour a cold pilsner in it and suck it right down even though it's only lunchtime.

Not that I don't always want to suck down a cold pilsner at lunchtime.

Short and wide with pride, the Tubby is a pint glass made for enhanced enjoyment of your beer. Tubby creators say their wide mouth increases your brew's aromatics as you drink, plus the rim has been blown with a patent pending rolled profile to make sipping more comfortable and pleasing to your lips. The wider Tubby base also gives it more stability when set down, and glass' squat stature makes it easier and safer to stack.

And, yes, Tubbies do hold a full 16 ounces of beer. Or cocktail. Smoothie. And, mmm, Froot Loops and milk.

Tubby Glasses are a natural beer gift for the brew lovers in your life. Seeing them amidst the coronavirus frenzy also made me think maybe in addition to boxes of Kraft Mac and toilet paper, I should also stock up on beer and booze. Because despite all of the fun things to do while you're coronavirus quarantined I've already come up with, at some point I know I'm just gonna wanna sit down and get drunk.

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