The Perfect Shot Secure Decanter

Posted: May 10, 2017
The Perfect Shot Secure Decanter
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The Perfect Shot is a lockable decanter that keeps thirsty hands off your hooch. But here's an interesting lemon twist: those thirsty hands can include your own.

Fill the Perfect Shot's 2-liter crystal glass reservoir with your favorite spirit, and then use its digital interface to program who gets the liquor, how much, and even when. Once filled, the decanter is locked, so you can program a security code for access to keep the kids and greedy friends from helping themselves. You can also have the Perfect Shot to dispense your personal definition of the perfect shot, setting each pour at an exact 1/2 to 6 ounces.

And here's the best: in addition to designating a security code for entry before every use, you can also set the Perfect Shot to release the booze only during certain hours, and only in certain total quantities to regulate your intake, and prevent low-willpower you from taking nips when it's 5 o'clock somewhere, but barely noon where you are. When you settle on a who / when / how much suits you, lock in your Perfect Shot program for 1 to 30 days.

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