The Balvenie Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Bar Cart

Posted: October 04, 2018
The Balvenie Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Bar Cart
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Nevermind that Mats Christeen is an artisan furniture craftsman capable of transforming reclaimed Balvenie whiskey barrels into the Balvenie Bar Cart you see here. Dude is also a former NHL draft pick and pro hockey player. Oh, and professional model. No wait, professional Swedish model. I feel sorry for any man who ever tried to pick up a girl with Mats in the room.

As you might guess, Mats Christeen in his current role as real-life Aidan from Sex and the City also specializes in reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials for his builds. The Balvenie Bar Cart, though, is his first attempt at transforming whole whiskey barrels and, dammit, it looks pretty good. A Lord of the Rings-worthy addition to your home bar (or hobbit-hole vacation rental.)

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