Square Scotch Glasses

Posted: January 12, 2018
Square Scotch Glasses
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The tectonic plates of glassware have shifted, producing these square scotch glasses. Filled with scotch, whiskey, bourbon or other fine spirits, the tumblers look like ice cubes that got laser-cut while gravity wasn't paying attention. Does it bug anyone else that their severed top half appears to be sliding uphill instead of down?

Another thing these scotch glasses' unique and artistic appearance reminds me of is the end of the first Underworld when Selene took a sword to Viktor's head. At first they make it look like she flips over him to begin a faceoff, but then she lifts up the tip of the sword, and it's covered in blood. Flash to Viktor, who draws his knives to take her down, and then...this.

JoyJolt Carre sells their scotch glasses in sets of two. They come in a gift-for-Dad-ready presentation box with embossed magnetic closure.

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