Shtox Ever-Spinning Glass

Posted: July 09, 2013
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The German-made Shtox glass, a Red Dot Design Award winner with a bottom primed for rotational movement, has the patented capability of spinning into infinity at the flick of a wrist. Just like Euler's Disk. Also like Euler's Disk, using the word "infinity" to describe Shtox's twirl time is a hyperbolic turn of phrase. Sadly, it will eventually stop spinning. Probably in your lifetime. Maybe even within the span of your attention.

A crystal glass tumbler with an etched spiral pattern and carefully crafted base shape, Shtox is both pleasing to the eye, and to the fidgety and/or easily bored person's desire for tactile stimulation and perpetual entertainment. True, all it does is pirouette 'round and 'round like Taz the Devil or a dreadlocked hippie at a Phish show, but even such remedial spectacles can be mesmerizing when one is half passed out at the bar, or alone on the couch at night, eating Kashi cereal straight from the box and drowning one's sorrows in cheap gin & tonics.

Take Shtox for a spin either empty or full without risk of breakage or spillage. Unless you're a big clod who can't handle the simplest of tasks without boning it. The spiral design will appear to be moving either up or down the glass, depending on its direction of rotation.

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