Rabbit Freezable Whiskey & Beer Glasses

Posted: June 04, 2021
Rabbit Freezable Beer & Whiskey Glasses
$30 - $35
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Dilution, be gone! Whether you're a whiskey or a beer lover - or need a gift for Dad who downs his fair share of both - Rabbit's Freezable Whiskey & Beer Glasses will chill your libation of choice to the perfect mouthfeel with the addition of ice. Or refrigeration, given I've never actually seen anyone put ice in a beer to chill it.

I feel like that's something my mother-in-law would do, though. To water it down. She won't drink any beer over 5% ABV.

But she'll drink Tennessee whiskey straight from the bottle.

Haha, not. That's my mama.

Freezable Whiskey & Beer Glasses are sold in sets of 2. Both are made of double wall borosilicate glass and fitted with chilling packs on the bottom. Silicone sleeves wrapping around their middles keep your hands from getting as cold as your drink, and prevent condensation. Freezable Whiskey Glasses hold 8 ounces apiece, and Beer Glasses 12 ounces.

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