QWIK-CORK Wine Cork Trimmer

Posted: February 10, 2022
QWIK-CORK Wine Cork Trimmer
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Put a cork in it! ... Push harder...and maybe twist some while you're pushing...just jam it...yeah...oh...oops. We need some wet paper towels and Wine Away over here, stat!

And that's why you might need a QWIK-CORK Wine Cork Trimmer.

QWIK-CORK was designed to make recorking wine bottles, or any other corked bottles, significantly easier. "Effortless," if QWIK-CORK's own superlative is to be believed. Since corks often expand after you pull them out, going all this dude's gut after 45 minutes at an Indian buffet, the QWIK-CORK steps in to shave a few centimeters off its girth, returning the cork to approximately the same size as the opening in the bottle.

To use the QWIK-CORK, just insert a cork and twist it 2 or 3 times to raze it down. The shavings will store in the top of the QWIK-CORK, which you can remove to empty them after a few uses. Doubling its talents, the QWIK-CORK also has a standard bottle opener built into one end.

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