Polyhedron Bar Cart

Posted: January 03, 2019
Polyhedron Bar Cart
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Next to coming up with the cash to buy a Polyhedron Bar Cart, the most challenging thing about this modern-meets-midcentury-Italian geometric keeper of the cocktails is being able to say the word "polyhedron" after a few sidecars get you all waxing poetic to your friends about your sick Polyhedron Bar Cart.

Though priced out of my essential home bar product range, Restoration Hardware's striking faceted design does earn the Polyhedron Bar Cart my admiration from afar. Its decidedly Dark Side exterior is made of wood, and has a trio of hinged sections that open up into mirrored flaps for holding tools and glassware. The center chamber stores the booze bottles and mixers. All that's missing from the setup is Darth Vader, Dark Lord of Mixology, slinging drinks.

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