Octopus Decanter

Posted: April 29, 2021
Octopus Decanter
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I think I've just found my own Octopus Teacher in this stunning Octopus Decanter from Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago. Creator Josh DeWall has blown borosilicate glass magic with his Einstein of the sea design, available in 500mL and 750mL sizes, each ready to put you 3 sheets and 8 tentacles to the wind. The larger Octopus Decanter can hold a standard bottle of wine, with its dome of legs providing aeration, and helping your tight cabs and pinots achieve their fullest expression, along with providing a show of color and movement as you pour. The smaller Octopus Decanter can decant wine too, or if you're a spirits dude or lady, use it to house your favorite whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, or, of course, Kraken Rum.

Their detail, delicacy, and craftsmanship make the Octopus Decanter pricy, but if you've got the means, it is sure to be the star of your home bar or next dinner party.

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