Natural Frequency Aerating Wine Wands

Posted: November 26, 2016
Natural Frequency Aerating Wine Wands
$185 - $290
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Here Philip Stein applies his proprietary Natural Frequency Technology, a harnessing of natural electromagnetic waves from everyday events such as thunderstorms or solar activities, to the wine aeration process. Called Schumann Resonances, some believe our bodies have evolved to run in harmony with these low frequency (less than 40Hz) waves, and that they can positively influence our health and well-being, particularly since today's technology has put us in contact with far more opposing, manmade frequencies.

Apparently, Philip Stein thinks this symbiosis of the elements bodes well for people looking to decant their wine quick too. Inserted into a wine bottle or single glass pour, his Wine Wands are said to aerate your cabs and merlots in minutes rather than hours. And even if you know nothing about what it means to aerate a wine or let it "breathe," and if you can't taste the difference between a red that's been decanted for 2 hours and one that you chug straight from the uncorked bottle, a Wine Wind will still make a swoon-worthy gift for the girlfriend you're not yet ready to buy jewelry for because it looks like a fairy princess scepter, and is filled with Swarovski crystals.

She-Ra: Princess of Power and I have personally given Stein's travel-sized Wine Wind a few test drives over the last month. They recommend pouring 2 glasses of the same wine, and using the aerator in only one to start so you can taste test the difference (also a fun party trick if you have a bunch of oenophile friends over for dinner.) I will vouch for the process pretty much always creating a difference. But I didn't always like the abracadabra-ed wine better. So I guess taste is personal in the aeration arena of the wine industry too.

Travel (i.e., single glass) size Wine Winds come in a choice of black or red leather carriers, and with silver or gold trim. The larger Bottle Wands are housed in a black carbon fiber cylinder.

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