Mixologist's Bubble Cocktail Glass

Posted: March 09, 2017
HALM Mixology Cocktail Glass

Bubble Cocktail glasses are invertible domes of drinkware, transparent globes you can fill with your favorite tinctures and accents, and then flip upside down to balance and present on their silicone stoppers. Why? Because maybe you're a mixologist. Maybe you want to impress a lady. Or maybe you like to suck up the flavors of all the fun stuff you find walking through the woods.

Czech glass designer Martin Jakobsen created the Bubble Glass as part of his HALM Signature Collection. It has an opening on one side sized for adding booze, mixers, and your choice of flavor and visual enhancements: flowers; fruit; leaves; spices; a coupla gummy bears; a piece of Nashville hot chicken for some kick.... Once the cocktail is complete, use the stopper to plug up the opening, flip your feat of mixology over, and slide in the glass straw.

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