Middle Finger Decanter

Posted: February 08, 2021
Middle Finger Decanter
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Tom Brady is #1 again! One finger over, for some of you dudes. And for those who can't bring themselves to celebrate Tampa Bay's Super Bowl LV win, here's Middle Finger Decanter to help you drown your sorrows, and continue the F**k you, Tom Brady! chant into next season.

The finger-happy decanter comes as a gift set that also includes two 8-ounce tumblers and a wood display base. When it's time to fill your glass, the whiskey, scotch, tequila, vodka, or other spirits held within the 800mL decanter pour out through its perpetually-erect middle finger in a display that might best be described with an oxymoron: tacky elegance.

And for the Bucs and Brady fans out there, I concede and bow down to your excellence. The team with the most votes - er, I mean points - at the end of the game wins. Here's a trophy for you.

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