Lightsaber-Wielding Lamp & Liquor Dispenser

Posted: June 08, 2022
Lightsaber-Wielding Lamp & Liquor Dispenser
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Meet the Starkiller, here to make you the star of a killer party...especially if you're hosting a bunch of Star Wars fans. The lamp and liquor dispenser from Rustic Design features industrial pipes, metal hardware, and an Edison bulb fashioned into lightsaber-wielding Jedi. Or Sith, if you're more about the Dark Side pride.

The A+ Edison bulb stars as both lightsaber and light emitter, the latter providing an ambient glow around your home bar. Insert your favorite bottle of booze in the connector at the back of the Starkiller to queue him up for liquor dispensing, activated by a bright red faucet handle attached to his keister, and delivered into your awaiting glass through a nozzle at his, er, pee-pee region.

Starkiller lamp and liquor dispenser dimensions are 11.5" x 12" x 7".

I think Rustic Design's next industrial pipe liquor dispenser should have a helmet and a jetpack, and be called Buzzed Light-You-Up-Year.

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