Letter & Number Ice Molds

Posted: January 06, 2023
Letter & Number Ice Molds
$22 - $54
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Only thing that could make my Old Fashioned better is a big ol' "D" lookin' at me like, "Dude!" every time I take a sip. Well, gulp, really. Dry January is nowhere to be seen in my house in 2023, and given how fast I can down a cocktail, one cube from Honest Ice's Letter & Number Ice Molds would last me at least 6 drinks. And the "S" for my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, would probably get her through more like 8.

Bad news for our livers and general health. But great news for our ice cube initials, which will get multiple uses per freeze!

Letter & Number Ice Molds are handmade from food-grade silicone, and produce 3D cubes that will fit a 3" cocktail glass. All trays freeze water up to 2.1" in height. Most of your 36 letter and number options produce single ice cubes, but Honest Ice does offer some in 2-cube trays for double the alpha-numeric (and a dozen drinks' worth for this dude!) fun.

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