Jellyfish Cocktail Glasses

Posted: December 30, 2020
Jellyfish Cocktail Glasses
$14.50 - $29.90
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Never thought I'd want to plaster a jellyfish to my face before. But fill one of these Jellyfish Cocktail Glasses with a Gin Martini or a Sidecar, and I'll let its tentacles crawl over me all night.

Even the most boring cocktails will deliver a visual sting served in the smoked molecular jellyfish glass. Sold singly or in sets of 2, the drinkware's cascading tentacles hit your bar or tabletop at 5 support points for stability. Choose the standard goblet size to hold about 4 ounces of the mixologist's finest, or the Jellyfish Huge to accommodate an 8.5-ounce pour.

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