Human Heart Wine Carafe

Posted: August 21, 2012
Human Heart Wine Carafe
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Drunk on love. A "hearty" Cabernet. Forget wine cellars, how about wine chambers (four of them to be exact)? Etienne Meneau's blown glass series of decanters, entitled "The Strange Carafes", culminates in this borderline macabre receptacle and purveyor of wine, the Grand Coeur, or Big Heart. Interpretive valves extend and curve asymmetrically from the carafe's base into a shape that is identifiable as our mammalian epicenter without being uninterestingly literal. The valves converge at a wider pouring spout, pitched forward in a come-hither pose that calls out to the world's finest bottles of aged grapes, Estate Reserves, and Kappa Kappa Gammas. OMG, Damon Salvatore would love this thing.

A chemically and thermically sturdy Borosilicat glass gives life to Meneau's carafes, which can be cleaned in very hot water, and then rinsed with demineralized water or white alcohol (the kind you drink, not the kind you put on cuts and scrapes). The human heart decanter measures 12.6" high and holds one 750ml bottle of wine. It is part of a limited edition set that includes 8 numbered and signed pieces, plus 4 artist proofs.

Nine different decanters comprise "The Strange Carafes" series, including the more tree-twig/slingshot-looking creation below, called simply Carafe Nº6.

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