Half Ice Whiskey Glass

Posted: November 10, 2019
Half Ice Whiskey Glass
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The Half Ice Whiskey Glass had to have been invented by accident. Also, it's probably been "invented" by hundreds of people who have, inadvertently or deliberately, set a container of water in the freezer tilted to the side. See how it works now?

The Half Ice Whiskey Glass' stylized base design creates perfect little angles and perfect little flat-faced supports that allow the tumbler to sit at a 45-degree(ish) lean in the freezer. Just add a little water and, as the great Ron Popeil would say, "Set it and forget it!"

The Half Ice Whiskey Glass may be even cooler than the Whiskey Wedge, which accomplishes the same slope of ice, but requires adding a silicone ice form to the glass prior to freezing. Of course, if you prefer the square-off look of the Wedge to the more diamond shape of the Half Ice, either product should serve your whiskey well.

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