German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar

Posted: September 05, 2014
German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar
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Here's a bar cart inspired by a 1920s light bulb voltage tester salvaged from a German factory. Because, why not? Steampunk is in. Light bulbs are a strangely hot topic these days. Giant, 265-pound iron orbs are always popular. Why the cucaracha would anyone keep their booze and glassware on a boring shelf or in an antisocial cabinet when they can store it inside a random and bizarre piece of European history?

Hey, you know what would make the most awesome bar?

A hollow globe machine used by the Germans in the early twentieth century to gather inconsequential information about light bulbs?

Well, uh, I was going to say a fish aquarium, but...yeah. Yours sounds good too.

Think I could sell the idea to Restoration Hardware?

Definitely. They'll buy anything they can put an antique finish and a $2,000 price tag on.

The German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar has a hinged segment that opens onto 3 shelves, 3 stemware racks, and 5 slots for wine bottles. Though no assembly is required, you will need space for the behemoth cart, which measures 39" wide x 61-1/2" tall x 46-1/2" in diameter.

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