Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set

Posted: January 29, 2021
Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set
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I like football and all, but with the wacked-out year we had, the 2020 NFL season has pretty much gone by without my notice. I didn't even know the Super Bowl was happening in 2021, much less that it's coming right up, until I read some article about how major advertisers aren't going to be making clever Super Bowl ads for LV. (Yeah, I know, like most of them ever succeeded in doing it before.)

Anyway, attendance for the game is going to be capped at 22,000, and it's just going to be last year's winner against Tom Brady in a different colored uniform, so...may as well gorge and get drunk and semi-watch it like I usually do. If you're up for the same, here is some glassware to get you in the football spirit.

The Football Tumbler Beer Glass Set comes with 4 x 23-ounce vessels shaped and embossed like a football.

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