Epare Clear Ice System

Posted: December 11, 2019
Epare Clear Ice System

Clear ice, full hearts, can't lose. Ah, how I miss Friday Night Lights. Why did you leave us, Coach Taylor, why? Guess I'll just drown my sorrows in a nice glass of cognac on the Epare Clear Ice System-generated rocks.

There's an Arctic Ocean's worth of oversized square and spherical ice molds out there, all promising to make bar quality ice that stays frozen longer and keep drinks cold without watering them down. I'm giving the Epare Clear Ice System a second glance for 2 reasons: 1) It's a 3-piece mold with some funkiness in design going on that has me curious; and 2) Epare says using their mold will produce "clear ice guaranteed" in perfect 2" blocks.

Epare says it accomplishes crystal clear ice with molds that enable directional freezing. The Clear Ice System has a polypropolyne base that prevents the water on the bottom from freezing first, and when ice cubes are able to freeze from the top down, air and other unwanted particles push downward, settling in a 1" space in the base. The ice remaining in the tray, then, is free and clear of the stuff that makes it cloudy.

Additional Epare Clear Ice System features include a flexible bottom seat of the cube tray so ice comes out easily, feet on the bottom of the base so it won't stick to the floor of your freezer, and a pour line for precise water fills.

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