DeVine Champagne Bottle Opener

Posted: December 18, 2021
DeVine Champagne Bottle Opener
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A partier with a Champagne bottle is basically the equivalent of Ralphie Parker with a BB gun: if they get one, there's a decent chance they'll shoot their eye out. And while the DeVine Champagne Bottle Opener can't do much about Ralphie's bad aim and ricocheting Red Ryder, for those of you poppin' corks and downin' bubbles this New Year's Eve, this sparkling wine bottle opener will make the task easier, and much safer, for everyone.

DeVine's Champagne Bottle Opener is made of solid stainless steel, with 4 cork-clinging legs and concave cutouts that provide a solid grip during use. The opener's solid "roof" completely covers corks, so in addition taking just a few seconds to remove them, it prevents them from flying off their bottles, and whacking people, or glassware, nearby.

DeVine also promises "absolutely no strength [is] needed" to use the Champagne Bottle Opener," which is both kind of funny, and a really good feature, given the types of people I've seen on TikTok trying to open bottles of Champagne.

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