Coiled Snake Bottle Opener

Posted: September 02, 2022
Coiled Snake Bottle Opener
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This Coiled Snake Bottle Opener from COPPERTIST.WU is made of solid brass, with hand-carved scales to give it a weighty and uniquely textured feel, along with a sexy look, as it assists you in opening your equally sexy bottles of Bud Light Lime.

No, actually, I have a new favorite beer now: large format Asahi. Mmm, 24 ounces of Japanese genius a bottle, my dudes. And I feel like a coiled snake is quite fitting to serve as its bottle opener.

The Coiled Snake Bottle Opener measures 2.43" in diameter, and weighs 5.17 ounces. It's a great gift for the home bar, and probably also for any Paula Abdul fans still out there. C-c-c-cold hearted ooh-ah-ah-ah. C-c-c-cold hearted ssssnake.

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