Cap Zappa - Bottle Opener & Cap Launcher

Posted: January 28, 2013
Cap Zappa - Bottle Opening Cap Launcher
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An Exploration of Cap Zappa Onomatopoeia. Pop! Click. Whoosh! Clink! Ahhh.

It's the bottle opener that, after faithfully completing its beer-cracking duties, loads the removed cap in a firing chamber and readies it to transition from carbonation keeper to deadly projectile. Well, maybe "irksome" is a better descriptor than "deadly". It doesn't sound quite as cool, but in a way makes the Cap Zappa more fun because, unlike deadly, irksome typically does not lead to life in prison. Also, it will be a nifty exercise in anger-reduction and wordplay to be able to literally pop a cap in my ex's new boyfriend's ass.

Launcher trajectory, controlled by a spring-loaded sliding arm, can reach over 16 feet. About the same distance I can vomit after a 12-pack of imported German beer.

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