Bottle Opener Beer Glass

Posted: June 04, 2014
Bottle Opener Beer Glass
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Ahhh, the marriage of bottle opener and beer glass. We have reached the pinnacle of efficiency and consolidation. Nothing left to do now but go home. And pop the top off a cold one.

Though there is something to be said for cracking and drinking a cold beer straight from the bottle, I usually like to see the color and frothy head of any brew that costs me more than the standard twist-off. Also, it is much easier to engage in chugging contests from a glass. And now that the habitual question of, "Has anyone seen the bottle opener?" can have the habitual answer of, "Bottom of your glass, dude," I have even more reason to respect the art of the pour. The drinker's multi-tool contains 2 built-in stainless steel bottle openers along its metal sleeve base, a pop-top opener on the side, and a twist-top opener underneath. The glass has been designed with classic British pint aesthetics and holds 12 ounces of beer.

The bottle opener beer glass is a top Dude Gift for a Man and Gift for Dad pick.

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