Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers

Posted: August 07, 2016
Battle-Rattle Whiskey Chillers
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As a Platoon Leader in Ft. Carson, CO, Garrett Coker made a bet with a buddy on who would nab the higher Gunnery score. The winner would receive a bottle of Scotch. Coker won. He saw his buddy again a few years later in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. Reminiscing about the story, and melting in the heat of the Middle East, they looked forward to the day they'd be home, enjoying another bottle of Scotch, sipped from tumblers, nice and cold.

The day came. While Coker waited for his buddy to head over, he threw a wedge bolt from an Abrams end connector and a bolt from a Bradley road wheel in the freezer to chill the Scotch without watering it down. Coker says his chosen alternative to ice, CARC-painted hunks of metal, will probably give them cancer, "but it was the best damned glass of Scotch I ever had."

Battle-Rattles are the whiskey chillers that emerged from Coker's experiences serving and drinking Scotch as a proud American. His sets of scaled military-themed replicas are all made in the US, designed by disabled veterans, and built from recycled scrap steel. Stainless steel that won't change the taste of your booze. Or give you cancer.

Choose from five 4- or 5-chiller sets, the contents of which include a mix of: 120mm Sabot Rounds; Mortar Rounds; M84 Stun Grenades; Land Mines; and Sprockets. Stick them in the freezer for a few hours, drop them in your glass (gently*), pour on the juice, and take a sip (carefully*).

*Battle-Rattles are battle-ready. These things have some major heft that you would not want slamming against a tooth. Maybe don't get drunk and chuck one at your friend Cornelius either.

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