Atlas Etched Globe Liquor Decanter

Posted: June 05, 2018
Atlas Etched Globe Liquor Decanter
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The Atlas of the Etched Globe Liquor Decanter has it even worse than the Atlas of Greek mythology. The latter may have been cursed with the task of holding up the skies for eternity, but this one has to carry the weight of the world and my scotch. I should be a pal and lighten up his load for him.

The Atlas decanter turns everyone's favorite poor SOB of the Titan clan into a bronze-colored statue base supporting a 1000mL etched glass globe ready to be filled with your favorite whiskey, bourbon, brandy, rum, scotch, cognac - there's really no limit to the spirits Atlas can piggyback like a CrossFit Games champ for you.

And if you're not into hard liquor - or if you are, but want to keep that between you and Atlas - try filling the decanter with mouthwash.

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