Yellow Jacket - iPhone Stun Gun Case

Posted: July 24, 2012
$79 - $159
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In an act of retaliation against its relegation to the uncomfortably jarring vibrate setting, the iPhone has summoned the Yellow Jacket, and plans to return the favor. In the form of a body-rocking 650,000 volts. The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case knows it's a rough and tumble world, and believes we would be better equipped to traverse it with a smartphone-based defense system. People talking, texting, gaming, or otherwise screwing around on their phones often find themselves mentally removed from their immediate surroundings. Which may include unsavory characters with ill intentions, ready to capitalize on that distraction. But when thieves and attackers strike, the Yellow Jacket's firing electrodes strike back.

Now you may have some concerns about regularly placing a tool meant to inflict pain and temporary paralysis next to your face. Yellow Jacket co-founders Sean Simone and Seth Froom (shocker and shockee respectively in the featured video) assure us they have taken every precaution to ensure their weapon is safe, and unleashes its fury only when commanded by the user. A safety switch and rotating electrode cap prevent accidental discharge, and the assembly's fortified housing and wraparound rubber sleeve protect the iPhone itself from brain-scrambling when the sting of the bee is called upon.

When high-voltage protection is needed, safety mechanisms take less than a second to disable by moving the safety switch forward and rotating the electrode cap downward. The Yellow Jacket then rains its electric fire immediately upon activation button depression. Effects last a few minutes--enough time to escape the assailant--before the circulating tweety birds fly away, and the zapped achieve full recovery.

But wait, that's not all! In addition to every chump who crosses it, know who else will get a body-rocking, 650,000-volt charge out of the stun gun case? The iPhone itself. Yellow Jacket includes its own external battery, which can juice up phones with 20 additional hours of battery life. A switch on the bottom redirects Yellow Jacket's battery for standby stun gun power into the smartphone itself. When flipped to iPhone powering mode, it is also possible to plug in the Yellow Jacket and charge the phone without removal from the case.

Add a bottle opener and a condom dispenser and I'd crown the Yellow Jacket the Ultimate Urban Jungle Survival Tool.

So, you ask, how much more of a bulge is this thing going to create in my pocket? The Yellow Jacket is around 1" thick, and adds approximately 3/8" in height to iPhones when attached. It adds no additional width. Solo weight is 4 ounces, combined weight is 8 ounces. I just checked with my mom, and she confirmed that's 1/2 a pound. The case should in no way hinder accustomed iPhone use and operation.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case was successfully funded via IndieGoGo, and is now available for direct purchase from Yellow Jacket.

PS: Simone and Froom have checked with Homeland Security and verified that Yellow Jackets may travel in checked baggage during flights, but not carried through TSA screening. Also, buyers must be at least 18 years old to purchase (just like the winner of our S3 Arctic Laser Giveaway) and should verify that shipping to their state/country is allowed before buying.

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