WASP Less-Lethal Weapon Accessory

Posted: January 05, 2020
WASP Less-Lethal Weapon Accessory
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The WASP weapon accessory is an add-on for your existing 9mm pistol that converts it into a less-lethal self defense option for a single round. The WASP impact baton fits into the gun's barrel and, when fired, shoots as a blunt but powerful "dart" into your target. Once the WASP is ejected, the delivering firearm can, if necessary, resume shooting standard 9mm ammunition with no further modifications required.

William Rayner developed the WASP weapon accessory to help make owning and using a firearm safer. While it allows your pistol to retain the option of firing bullets, it also gives you - and anyone on your receiving end - a single shot (as it were) at navigating the situation in a less lethal way. The WASP can be especially helpful in avoiding accidental shootings and killings.

According to Rayner, the WASP less-lethal weapon accessory also has these advantages:

  • It's safer for bystanders, and will not travel through walls or downrange.
  • The WASP transfers more force than a bullet and will not over-penetrate, so it has better stopping power.
  • It creates no additional risk for the user, since once the WASP is fired, the firearm reverts to a standard, loaded 9mm pistol.

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