Walther PPK Rubber Band Gun

Posted: March 05, 2015
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The name's Band. James Band.

Brent EuDaly's Etsy shop, Elastic Precision, features 5 rubber band gun interpretations of classic firing weapons, but the Model PPK, designed after James Bond's iconic Walther PPK handgun, is probably my favorite. Compact to hold, easy to maneuver, and toy-soldier deadly to fire, this rubber flinger can semi-automatically unload 5 bands up to 20'. EuDaly hand makes each Model PPK from solid white oak, with no plastic pieces. (Yeah, that's why he was backordered 6 to 8 weeks at printing.) Buyers have a choice of grip wood from cherry, zebra wood, lace wood, or figured maple.

Don't forget, kids, responsible spies always carry a rubber...band.

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