VZ Executive Dagger

Posted: September 23, 2020
VZ Executive Dagger
$85 - $110
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The VZ Executive Dagger pokes - stabs, thrusts, drives - through the custom gun grips populating the rest of the VZ Grips store to show off its own fine craftsmanship and beauty as a survival tool and weapon of self defense.

the 7-5/8" Executive Dagger is machined from your choice of a solid piece of G10, or VZ's proprietary G10 / Carbon Fiber Matrix, and finished in a handsome argyle checkering pattern. VZ notes the use of G10 creates a piece that is both lighter than steel and non-electrically conductive. The Executive Dagger weighs just 1.38 ounces on its own, a few ounces more when strapped to your belt or bag inside the included handmade VZ leather sheath.

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