TOYOGE Knuckle Duster

Posted: July 18, 2021
TOYOGE Knuckle Duster

Fidget toy meets self defense weapon in the TOYOGE Knuckle Duster. Even when you're wearing it, with its bright white-and-black carbon plastic composition, and funky shape covered in textures and imprinted accents, the tool doesn't look quite like the jaw basher its serrated and steepled design has cut it into. In fact, I think the biggest hint the TOYOGE Knuckle Duster is indeed a knuckle duster is the knocked-out frowny face emoji punched into its grip.

If you read the TOYOGE Knuckle Duster's purchase page product description, you'll see it's obviously been fed into a translator, and has some of the typical "lost in" results. Still, I can't help but point out my favorite line, which states the TOYOGE Knuckle Duster is "most suitable for beautiful women." So all you dudes who were weighing between flowers and chocolates, forget them both. When you need a gift for a woman, you need the TOYOGE Knuckle Duster.

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