Stun Gun Gloves

Posted: October 30, 2019
Stun Gun Gloves

Nothing communicates strength and confidence better than a firm handshake. Except, perhaps, a weak handshake administered by a hand wearing one of these stun gun gloves. Holy BZZZZZZT! Batman! I thought I'd seen my #1 Bad Idea of 2019 when I covered this ballistic dart launcher.

But I suppose if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that just when you think you've seen the worst, the worst gets even worse.

Advertised as "police stun gloves," but available for purchase by any asshole, the faux leather hand covers use a low-voltage pulse current to contract any human muscles on their receiving end, and temporarily debilitate the poor bastard you suckered into shaking on it.

Stun gun gloves are powered by 1 x AAA battery installed in a small pack embedded at the top of the wrist. They seem to activate immediately when you turn on the pack and shake hands or grab and offender's wrist, but usage instructions aren't explicit. Probably best to buy a pair and test them out on your friend Cornelius first.

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