Sting Ring

Posted: September 22, 2016
Sting Ring

Who wants a fist bump? The Sting Ring is the newest beast in my menagerie of self defense tools. My digital menagerie. I don't own one of the single finger knuckle dusters, and I have no idea how effectively its 18,000,000 volts of Squeeze-N-Stun technology will drop or paralyze an attacker. Reviews indicate its sting is on par with Ali's, but like so many Amazon listings these days, it's hard to tell how many of the 80+ listed are honest, and how many are "honest" based on having received the Sting Ring for free or at a discount.

Promoted features include a rounded base that's easy to grip, fitted with buttons you need only squeeze to detonate. The Sting Ring is designed to be worn for the duration of your foray into dark or sketchy places so you'll have constant and instant access to its electrifying personality.

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