M48 Cyclone Spear

Posted: September 10, 2020
M48 Cyclone Spear
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If United Cutlery learned anything from their M48 Cyclone fixed blade knife it's that bigger isn't always better...but it looks pretty damn cool when extended to lengths any serious zombie slayer might covet. Behold the M48 Cyclone Spear, the distinct spiraling dagger of the M48 Cyclone, now attached to a 40" glass-fiber-reinforced nylon staff.

The 9" M48 Cyclone tri-blade is made of cast stainless steel that, admittedly, many owners have reported is not very sharp. However, the pointy tip is indeed pointy. Overall the spear measures 48-7/8" long, and comes with a custom Vortec belt sheath.

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