Kung Fu Power Self-Defense Rings

Posted: October 10, 2015
Kung Fu Power Self-Defense Ring

Pretty Chinese rings, pretty gnarly applications. This stack of Kung Fu Power Magic Rings fans out to create a 4-wide set of individual inscribed adornments for Pointer, Tall Man, Ring Man, and Pinky. That's the pretty part. For pretty gnarly, check out the photo of a dude using the rings to smash through a stack of clay tiles.

I don't know in what states it's legal to bear Kung Fu Power, or if it's OK to wear the rings as a single chunky ring but not as a knuckle duster, or if they can also punch through the time-lock kitchen safe where your wife's hiding the Halloween candy, or if they really are magic as their name claims. But please keep in mind, it's not really my job to know things. If it were, I would be unemployed.

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