HemiSERE Titanium Lapel Knife

Posted: March 14, 2018
HemiSERE Titanium Lapel Knife
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The covert HemiSERE Titanium Lapel Knife isn't just some piece of urban-spy EDC Gearward designed for us to geek out on (though it's a little that too). It's a contemporary take on a real issue, the OSS Lapel Knife, clandestine operatives received to use during WWII.

Gearward modernized the Lapel Knife to be more practical and effective for today's carrier. At just 3.375" long x 0.75" tall x 0.05" wide, there's not a lot of room to get a good grip on the blade, so ergonomics were key to ensuring "you don't cut the shit out of yourself using the thing." The resultant design is reflected in the HemiSERE's name: a hemispherical cutout in the grip. This grip locks the knife in your hand so there's little change your finger will slide onto the edge. The grip also projects the edge of the blade forward like a claw.

HemiSERE is also updated from the OSS Lapel Knife in its ultralight, durable titanium / ceramic composite construction. At just 4 grams the knife is much lighter than its steel predecessor (and 1 gram lighter than a nickel) and the addition of ceramic to the mix gives the blade most of that material's edge retention qualities, without compromising the strength of the titanium.

HemiSERE knives secure beneath your lapel with "glue dots" rather than a sheath, which Gearward feels would add bulk and reduce quick accessibility. I agree. But I'd also suggest that if you're going to stick a loose knife under your collar, be real careful not to fall funny while it's there.

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