Echo1 M134 Airsoft Machine Gun

Posted: February 19, 2014
Echo1 M134 Airsoft Machine Gun
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390 FPS, 21-1/2" long barrel, 13-1/2" short barrel, 1,700-round magazine capacity...I don't think I'd even shoot my friend Cornelius in the ass with one of these things to try to get on Tosh.0. The Echo1 M134 MiniGun is an Airsoft machine gun of power and stamina. A lot of it. With full CNC metal construction and a weight of 35 pounds, the M134 remains stonefaced in response to Are you kidding me?! inquiries about its 6 Gatling-style barrels' ability to unload several thousand rounds per minute on opponents.

Like the pop culture miniguns it emulates the Echo1 M134 fires hard and heavy from its rotating barrels, which can swap between the included shorter and longer attachments. It also employs an external power source.

Muchas danke to Crnchy.

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