Crovel Tactical Shovel

Posted: October 10, 2012
Crovel Tactical Shovel
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"Crovel", like "spork", is a portmanteau word. It combines "Shovel" and "Crap! I'm gonna get impaled, sawed, and scooped all at once!" GearUp's latest in a respectable line of survival tools, the Crovel Tactical weighs only 3 pounds for minimal impact on your hiking pack, and maximal impact on the zombies, coyotes, and stubborn planting soil on which you'll test it out. Its design focuses on versatility and easy maneuverability within close quarters. The shovel head is made of chromoly steel, and attaches to a threaded hollow steel handle with removable Super Spike fitted at its opposite end. Other offensive gimcracks include:

  • Precision sharpened edges, and one granddaddy saw-tooth edge.
  • Weighted and balanced for throwing as a spear.
  • Handle wrapped in 15' of 550 Paracord.
  • Solid steel collar welded front and back.
  • Bottle opener. Because the only thing that makes wielding the Crovel Tactical even more exhilarating is wielding it after downing a 6-pack.

The Crovel Tactical currently carries a 45- to 90-day lead time for order processing and shipment due to the fast approaching End of Days, and its resultant high demand. Or maybe the delay is just because it is made in the USA, and we don't have the same work ethic as 12-year-olds in Hong Kong.

If you need a multi-functional weapon in a pinch, check out the Bottle Poppin' Butterfly Knife. If you just need a functional weapon, and don't really care about the multi, here's the Jagdkommando.

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